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Vogue’s Fashion Night In

Tonight is the night! Vogue’s Fashion Night In has taken over HQhair. After some serious negotiations with top brands such as NARS, Moroccanoil, Philosophy, Paul & Joe, Fekkai and Philip Kingsley we are able to bring customers a super special, luxurious and totally exclusive goodie bag. Infact we had to restrain ourselves from taking them home as they are super lush and include products such as a mini multiple from NARS and the incredible Moroccanoil Treatment. Check out all the details of how to get one of these gems  here.

You didn’t think we would stop there did you? We also have to mind-blowingly amazing competitions to enter, you can win a trip to New York with Fekkai you PLUS you can win a make-over from a top NARS make-up artist! Not to mention the tons of fabulous Christmas gifts that have hit our shelves recently…

Click here now to get involved!


How to Create 60’s Eye Make-Up!

The lovely David Scheffen, AKA NARS make-up artist and HQ girls’ flavour of the month recently popped into the HQ offices to chat all things NARS Holiday Collection. Whislt he was here we got him to show us how to create a 60’s eye! Be prepared Ladies, it requires a whole lotta make-up- but it’s a fab look for the party season. Check out his incredible instructions below:

1)      First of all use the Eyeshadow Base from the lash line to the eyebrow, this is a heavy look and you don’t want anything to start moving after a few hours.

2)      Then blend Cosmic Girl cream shadow from the lash line to the crease of the eye and blend towards the brow bone but not too high.

3)      With Iceberg white pencil go over the cream until the crease and blend them together so it becomes really white.

4)      Using Pandora duo powder eyeshadow ,blend the white shadow all over the eyelid (the white on the mobile lid should be much brighter than the brow bones)

5)      To give a little bit more definition to the eye, blend (using the back of your hand as a palette) a little of the black and white shadows (still using Pandora duo eyeshadow) until you get a light grey colour and very lightly using a small rounded brush (number 14) apply the colour in the crease of the eye.

6)      Using a black pencil (Black Moon) draw a line just on top of the crease of your eye.                                

Start in the middle using little movement, if you are not too confident to start with, and slowly extend the line to the outer corner of your eye to just above the inside corner.

To do this you should be looking straight at a mirror, so you can see the line your eyes open)

7)      Using a very small brush blend the line together and use a cotton bud to clean it so it looks sharp.

8)      Still using Black Moon lift your eyelid and looking down (you can place a hand mirror on a table and place yourself above it) draw a line in the inside top rim of the eye, so you get a real dark eye)

9)      Using Nuit Blanches our eyeliner stylo draw a fine line along the top and bottom lash lines and gradually go over it and thicken it towards the outside.

Make sure you accentuate the inside corner of the eye and create a point.

Once you have reached the thickness you desired, extend the lower and top line towards the outside so they blend into each other, they should join just underneath the black line you have previously drawn and finish the line with a thick flick.

10)   Using first our Lengthening and then our Volumizing mascara, apply 2 to 3 coats of each mascara until you have really long and thick lashes and push the outside corner towards the side.

11)   You can also use false lashes to accentuate the look, they should be thick and dense and not too long.

12)   Using the white pencil (Iceberg) draw a line inside the bottom eye rim.

13)   Pick a dark shade of eyebrow pencil or Bali single eyeshadow and go over your eyebrow, start by defining the outer shape and then colour them in. With this look it always looks better to accentuate the arch a little bit more.

14)   For an even more 60’s look you can draw bottom lashes unto the skin with the eyeliner stylo (Nuit Blanches) by doing little strokes mostly on the outer corner.

15)   You can even finish the look by adding a dot of Black Moon underneath the outer corner of the eye (be sure to apply some Eyeshadow Base underneath so it stays put)

Fun Friday

It’s only just noon and today is turning out to be a right old hoot in the HQhair office! One of our lovely HQ girls is getting married next week to we started the day with a Champagne Breakfast to celebrate:

The only bad news we have to report is that we sold out of the high sort-after Lipstick C’s from the new Paul and Joe collection in record time. The Lipstick C were the ones with the cat faces engraved:

But it’s not all bad because we have a super promotion that we are running with Paul and Joe at the moment where you can get a gorgeous bag FREE with two or more purchases.

Also just to keep you on our Moroccanoil love affair… it’s still going strong!

and on that note…. ADIOS! X

Carrying off Casual

Board7Row2Statement make-up and big, sexy hair has never been so important. This year saw the comeback of the oversized tee, worn with skinny jeans, denim shorts or leggings this casual look requires bold statements in the make-up and hair department to transform the baggy look into a chic, stunning ensemble.

HQhair’s resident make-up expert, Jasmine says “When you’re wearing a plain outfit it is so much easier to experiment with bold make-up styles. Red lips look great with a plain outfit, I strongly recommend NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil, it is a bit like a mix between a pencil and a lipstick and you’ll find that it lasts all day! Why not try it in ‘red square’ or ‘cruella’.

Natalie Wansbrough-Jones, Elle’s Fashion Director is pushing denim as the key autumn ‘must-have’, “classic, versatile and inexpensive. Denim is every girl’s great wardrobe secret”. Whether you prefer to don shorts, jeans or shirts it looks like denim is making a big comeback, not that it really went away. “Hair can really make or break a simple outfit”, says Jayne, HQhair’s resident hair expert, “when your clothes are casual there is a lot more emphasis on bold hair styles. Blonde hair looks great with blue denim, so why not enhance your golden locks further with Redken Blonde Glam Shampoo? The grapefruit extract helps to bring out bold blonde tones while the Crystal Mica adds shine!” Check out how our cover girl is donning the look, baggy black top, vintage jeans and a gorgeous pile of blonde hair tied up on her head. “This look will require a lot of hair spray” Jayne says “I recommend Hard Head Hairspray by Bed Head.”

So why not shake-up your hair and make-up with big bold statements, and just think with all the money you have saved from wearing your dad’s baggy t-shirts and last year’s denim you will have tonnes to spend on the best new hair and beauty products!