Ouch… hard.. to… type…

So we’ve finally done it…yes, the HQ girls have joined a gym! We would do a mini-Mexican wave of joy but as we attended a fun-filled (that’s how the instructor described it anyway) hour of body pump on Wednesday night, we’ve pulled all the muscles in our entire bodies and we can’t really move. So that’s a good start!

If like us you’re joining a gym, vowing to live on carrot sticks and Vitamin water (Sienna Miller’s legs, Sienna Miller’s legs) and opting for cranberry juice minus the vodka, then we’ve got the perfect motivational tools. After all we can’t be the only ones who think the best part about joining a gym is getting the new cute outfit to go with it?! Can we!?

Swimming may be seen as one of the best forms of exercising, but chlorine destroyed hair is not such a good look! So check out this fabulous moisturising hair and body wash product from phyto– a swimming bag must have!

For when you over-do it (like us) you’ll need this in your handbag at ALL times! It’s a great muscle rub from badger balm– trust me, it’s needed!

When you feel hungry or are about to give in to temptation, apply this nifty lip balm from burner balm pronto, it helps you burn calories!

So hopefully in no time we’ll be looking as hot as this:


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