We Love Big Buns!

Have you ever wondered how to achieve a stylish big bun look? No it’s not down to the length of your hair but simply with some bun shapers! Exclusive to HQhair.com these nifty bun shapers come in black or blonde and are only £2.85

They are super easy to use. Just tie your hair into a pony tail, pull your pony tail through the hole to the top and then wrap your hair back around the shaper so the bun resembles a doughnut. Secure the shape with a hair band, you may want to tuck or wrap the extra hair around with kirby grips.


2 responses to “We Love Big Buns!

  1. I suggested HQ stock these! 🙂 thanks for taking it on board! I’ve seen some gorgeous tutorials on youtube and always wondered where to buy them from!

    • Yes, we decided to get them because we have had a couple of suggestions about them! Thanks so much for letting us know about them- we have all been wearing them in the office too! X

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