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SNEAK PEAK: OPI Texas Collection

A couple of our HQgirls popped down to the launch of OPI‘s new Texas Collection this week. As usual our fave nail brand presented some gorgeous and daring colours that we can’t wait to get our hands on! This collection includes some fabulous textures, from a jelly finish to a glossy creme! Check out the pics from the collection and let us know what you think!


How to Create 60’s Eye Make-Up!

The lovely David Scheffen, AKA NARS make-up artist and HQ girls’ flavour of the month recently popped into the HQ offices to chat all things NARS Holiday Collection. Whislt he was here we got him to show us how to create a 60’s eye! Be prepared Ladies, it requires a whole lotta make-up- but it’s a fab look for the party season. Check out his incredible instructions below:

1)      First of all use the Eyeshadow Base from the lash line to the eyebrow, this is a heavy look and you don’t want anything to start moving after a few hours.

2)      Then blend Cosmic Girl cream shadow from the lash line to the crease of the eye and blend towards the brow bone but not too high.

3)      With Iceberg white pencil go over the cream until the crease and blend them together so it becomes really white.

4)      Using Pandora duo powder eyeshadow ,blend the white shadow all over the eyelid (the white on the mobile lid should be much brighter than the brow bones)

5)      To give a little bit more definition to the eye, blend (using the back of your hand as a palette) a little of the black and white shadows (still using Pandora duo eyeshadow) until you get a light grey colour and very lightly using a small rounded brush (number 14) apply the colour in the crease of the eye.

6)      Using a black pencil (Black Moon) draw a line just on top of the crease of your eye.                                

Start in the middle using little movement, if you are not too confident to start with, and slowly extend the line to the outer corner of your eye to just above the inside corner.

To do this you should be looking straight at a mirror, so you can see the line your eyes open)

7)      Using a very small brush blend the line together and use a cotton bud to clean it so it looks sharp.

8)      Still using Black Moon lift your eyelid and looking down (you can place a hand mirror on a table and place yourself above it) draw a line in the inside top rim of the eye, so you get a real dark eye)

9)      Using Nuit Blanches our eyeliner stylo draw a fine line along the top and bottom lash lines and gradually go over it and thicken it towards the outside.

Make sure you accentuate the inside corner of the eye and create a point.

Once you have reached the thickness you desired, extend the lower and top line towards the outside so they blend into each other, they should join just underneath the black line you have previously drawn and finish the line with a thick flick.

10)   Using first our Lengthening and then our Volumizing mascara, apply 2 to 3 coats of each mascara until you have really long and thick lashes and push the outside corner towards the side.

11)   You can also use false lashes to accentuate the look, they should be thick and dense and not too long.

12)   Using the white pencil (Iceberg) draw a line inside the bottom eye rim.

13)   Pick a dark shade of eyebrow pencil or Bali single eyeshadow and go over your eyebrow, start by defining the outer shape and then colour them in. With this look it always looks better to accentuate the arch a little bit more.

14)   For an even more 60’s look you can draw bottom lashes unto the skin with the eyeliner stylo (Nuit Blanches) by doing little strokes mostly on the outer corner.

15)   You can even finish the look by adding a dot of Black Moon underneath the outer corner of the eye (be sure to apply some Eyeshadow Base underneath so it stays put)

PICK N’ MIX with Johnny Loves Rosie!

This week the HQ girls have been getting up to a whole lot of fun with our new Johnny Loves Rosie promotion! Our offices are covered with these fun Pick N’ Mix bags which we have been filling with 4 fabulous Johnny Loves Rosie accessories. For more information about this super fun promotion click here.

This Johnny Loves Rosie Pick N’ Mix bag makes a fab stocking filler and at just £12 it’s an amazing saving on the RRP! For all you JLR gals you’ll know that one piece from a JLR collection is worth at least that amount… and your getting 4!!!

Free International Shipping

Happy Friday everyone! To celebrate the weekend we are giving our lovely international customers free shipping this weekend when they spend £40 and over! Simply enter code: HQSHIPPED at checkout. If you’re a UK customer then we haven’t forgotten you either you can still use code HQFST for free UK shipping. Have a lovely weekend xxx

David Scheffen Answers Your Questions

NARS make-up artist and friend of HQhair, David Scheffen popped into the HQhair office yesterday to show us the highly anticipated NARS Holiday collection (which will be on our shelves from November 1st) and to test out some looks on us from the collection. It’s a hard job but somebody has to do it! Whilst he was here he also answered some questions from our fans on Facebook:

How do you achieve the “Smokey eye look” without looking like someone has given you two black eyes?- From Ruth Duncan

Make sure that when you apply the dark colour on your mobile lid, you stop at the crease and then blend it a little bit higher.
If you apply the colour higher and then blend it you have got too much colour on your eyelid and it will look too heavy.
Also you use a cream or a pencil on your mobile lid first so the colour you apply on top of it doesn’t move.

What is the number one NARS product for a teenager? From Jennifer Helen O’Neill

Multiple stick! You can use it on your eyes, cheeks and lips.
They are lots of shades and they will compliment different skin tones and moods.
My favourites are Maldives and South Beach.

Any Tips for a budding make-up artist? From Junaki Begum

Make sure you have a good “book” with a large range of images from beauty to fashion (you can go on lots of website that put you in touch make-up artists, hairdressers, stylists and photographers looking to do test shoots together, it’s also a great way to network).
I’ve an oval face I use a bronzer under my cheekbones & use blusher on the cheekbone BUT find it can make my face look longer, any alternate ways 2 make my cheekbones pop? From Michelle Passmore Neé Averies
Using a cream bronzer like Cap Vert draw a line underneath your cheekbones and blend upwards then use a cream  high lighter like Copacabana on your cheekbones before you apply blusher to make your cheekbones pop.

You can also use a touch of bronzer on your temple and blend it in the hairline and finish by applying it on your jawline, blend it upwards and downwards to give your face more definition.

Can you achieve a dewy look on mature skin? Are high gloss or shimmering products a no-go for ladies with laughter lines? From Pete Smith

You can achieve a beautiful dewy look on a more mature skin, it’s actually much more youthful and flattering.
Just use products that have light reflecting qualities but no glitter. Also the formulation are so much better now they don’t really sit in the lines and for even better result you can use a face primer with high grade silicon like our Pro Prime first to smooth the face and diffuse the light.

Coconut grove is my all time favourite eyeshadow, but I normally wear it with neutral colours, can you advise something bolder/more unique to wear with it (mangrove or daphne maybe?) – I have blue eyes. From Liz Berry

Coconut grove is a great basic colour that looks amazing blended with a large number of different colours:
– for a more modern effect you can use Iceland duo eyeshadow over it to make it almost 3D with purple-ish reflects.
– Mixed with Carravagio or Jolie Poupee it will compliment the blue of your eyes.
– And wait for the new collection coming out the 1st of November, there is a beautiful sheer gold that will make it pop.