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Us HQ girls LOVE Drew Barrymore! She just has that thing, ya know? The best word is probably ‘spunky’!

Seriously, is there anything better than a glass of wine, a box of malteasers and a Drew Barrymore film? NOPE!

We will be checking her new flick out this weekend. Will You?


Fun Friday

It’s only just noon and today is turning out to be a right old hoot in the HQhair office! One of our lovely HQ girls is getting married next week to we started the day with a Champagne Breakfast to celebrate:

The only bad news we have to report is that we sold out of the high sort-after Lipstick C’s from the new Paul and Joe collection in record time. The Lipstick C were the ones with the cat faces engraved:

But it’s not all bad because we have a super promotion that we are running with Paul and Joe at the moment where you can get a gorgeous bag FREE with two or more purchases.

Also just to keep you on our Moroccanoil love affair… it’s still going strong!

and on that note…. ADIOS! X


We’re having a bit of a love affair with OPI in the office at the moment and their latest colour collection certainly didn’t disappoint. The Swiss Collection combines unusual deep tones that instantly add elegance to your nails. The collection includes a gorgeous dark teal, deep reds, emerald blue tones. Check out this picture of shade ‘William Tell me about OPI’. Please excuse the tanned looking hand- it’s really not that orange just the dodgy light from the iphone camera!

A Sneeky Peak into Our Warehouse!

Ever wondered what our magical Warehouse looks like? Now you don’t need to because I just went wild with my iphone! I don’t think the warehouse were very impressed with me snapping away. We have tons of lush products on the HQhair shelves and we reckon it must be one of the best smelling warehouses… ever! If only our bathroom shelves could carry as much stuff aye?!

NARS eyeshadow duos…. ahhhhhh

Bumble and Bumble…. oooooohhhhhhh

Moroccanoil… waaaaaaaahhhhhh

Essie.. waawaaaweeewaaaa!

So this is where the magic happens… thoughts? x