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Burner Balm: Does it work?

PomegranetreFatBurn_lgBurner Balm, a controversial appetite suppressing lip balm which is an exclusive product to has had a dramatic launch in the UK.

The lip balm which hasn’t stayed out of magazines and UK press since its launch in July has received a multitude of mixed responses. In a recent Evening Standard article the lip balm was criticised for exploiting women’s fears about gaining weight. Burner Balm executive Matt Mills responded to these claims by releasing a statement which said, “Our product can absolutely help men and women, currently on a healthy diet and exercise program, achieve their weight loss goals Burner Balm contains an appetite suppressant that curbs between meal snacking when people often consume added calories with little or no nutritional value.”

Joey Valvo, Vice President also said “We’re not encouraging people to avoid eating. We are providing a unique product that offers a solution for dieters. Rather than rely on high calorie choices for that afternoon energy boost or snack before dinner, consumers now have a zero calorie alternative, Burner Balm.”

Despite concerns in the UK press about the product many consumers of the product have been raving about it, on a recent blog post Selina Realm wrote, “My strawberry Fat Burner Balm arrived this morning… tastes lovely and I’ve got to say (for today’s usage), I really didn’t feel the urge to snack the same as I normally do mid afternoon”.

 Burner Balm continues to be a controversial product, so why don’t you make up your own mind about the appetite suppressing lip balm. Check it out at


There’s something about Alexa…

Serpentine GalleryGreat clothes, great job, great rock star boyfriend… we should really start to hate Alexa Chung but we just can’t help loving her and neither can America by the looks of things. It has recently been announced that the model turned TV presenter has just been signed up to host her new US MTV show for a second series.

According to The Sun, ratings for her New York based chat show, It’s On With Alexa, have tripled since her debut in May and she has bagged herself some pretty impressive guests including P Diddy (or whatever he calls himself), Sienna Miller and Diane Kruger to name just a few. America has also cottoned on to Alexa’s amazing style, the MTV show has a blog dedicated to Alex’s style.

Here at HQhair, we have raided our warehouse to find the products to steal her scruffy-glam style. HQhair’s resident beauty expert, Jasmine says “with Alexa it’s all about eyeliner, it’s very rare that you’ll see Alexa without her statement eyeliner-flick and this can be achieved very simply with a Bourjois Liner Feutre, its better than a normal eyeliner because it has a felt-tip, making it easier to create that flick”. Alexa has also recently been spotted wearing pale pink lipstick, “Alexa isn’t just quirky with her clothes she is also quirky with her make-up” says Jasmine, “by contrasting dark eyes with pale lips Alexa looks both rock-chick chic and feminine, I recommend Benefit’s Lipstick Gabbi in shade, ‘swoonderful’”.

When it comes to hair it’s no surprise that Alexa is bang on trend with this summer’s bob. Usually when girls have outgrown their bleached strands they look cheap yet Alexa looks so elegant. “The trick is to keep the hair looking healthy, and Alexa’s hair is always so shiny” says Jayne, HQhair resident hair expert, “when your hair is shiny you can get away with an untidy ‘do’ or as I like to call it bed head chic”. To achieve Alexa’s shine give GHD Shining Serum a-go, not only does it enhance shine it also protects from heat!

Do you know what, I think we do hate her after all!

Put a plum in it

Cheryl was obviously a fan of plum before she dyed her hair!

Cheryl was obviously a fan of plum before she dyed her hair!

It seems like everyone is going crazy for plum, first of all Cheryl Cole shows the world how she has de-WAGed her look by swapping her highlighted extensions for a new plum colour and then Peaches Geldof announces her new plum do with the aid of twitter. Although both hair-dos have received mixed reviews from the fashion brigade the WAG and the rock chick are bang on trend with the autumn collection.
The girls in the HQ office reckon Sharon Osbourne must be delighted, she has been pushing the plum look for years and finally she’ll have loads of products on the market to support her plum locks! HQhair’s make-up expert, Jasmine says, “Plum hair is actually a really versatile colour to match with make-up, like Cheryl you could wear pearly pink colours or alternatively you could go down the more traditional root and match a plum hair-do with darker reds and purples like Peaches”. Jasmine recommends checking out the brand new NARS Fall collection which we should have online next week, “I’m really excited about this collection, the colours are going to be perfect for Autumn!” In the mean time we recommend you take a look at DuWoop’s eye palettes as they have some great Autumn browns.

Trend Alert: Grunge

The Lawrence HallThat’s right folks: holes in your leggings, hair over your face and Nirvana on your i-pod, that is what you have to look forward to this autumn.

Grunge lover, model Alice Dellal (pictured) sports the updated version of the grunge look with a partly shaved head, wavy locks, dark red lips and smoky eyes. If you’re anything like us then you’re probably not too keen on busting a hole in your Topshop jeans, so why not ease yourself into the grunge look with adapting your hair and make-up. We’re not suggesting you shave a bit of your hair off like Alice but it might be fun to experiment with different grunge options. You might as well, the grunge look is going to be pretty hard to avoid this season. Check out our suggestions below to get the grunge look!

Key ingredients to the grunge look include:

Sadie Frost: looking fab in her forties!

The Lawrence HallUs girls in the HQhair office are so impressed with Sadie Frost’s bikini body we felt obliged to blog about it!

The 44-year-old mother of four has been snapped looking toned and radiant whilst on holiday with her family in Ibiza. These photos have emerged in the same week that it was announced Jude Law, Frost’s ex has fathered another child with 24-year-old, American actress Miss Burke.

Wearing a tiny black bikini on a beach in Ibiza, Sadie’s looks have obviously benefited from her new clean lifestyle, it has been reported that Sadie has given up the boozy nights she was once so well known for.

HQhair’s beauty expert Jasmine says, “Sadie looks fantastic in her bikini, she has obviously been working out at the gym. Getting back into your bikini can be a really daunting thing, especially if you are in your forties. There are a number of great firming and toning products on the market that can help tighten loose skin and most importantly boost your beach body confidence! Check out Bliss’sfatgirl’ range, they have a number of products to reduce lumps and bumps!”

Sienna Loves. . .

cf2070988803224[1]No, we’re not talking about Sienna Miller’s latest boy-candy we’re talking products of course!

The gorgeous blonde Brit actress told In Style magazine that she simply can’t live without Nars Bronzing powder. Sienna uses it everyday to give herself a summery glow all year round and when she has to go brunette for a film role she uses double the amount!

Sienna found her favourite moisturiser by accident when her sister, fashion designer Savannah was pregnant and left her mama mia super-rich body cream at Sienna’s house! Even though it has been designed for pregnant women Sienna loves the natural oils that target dry skin!

Carrying off Casual

Board7Row2Statement make-up and big, sexy hair has never been so important. This year saw the comeback of the oversized tee, worn with skinny jeans, denim shorts or leggings this casual look requires bold statements in the make-up and hair department to transform the baggy look into a chic, stunning ensemble.

HQhair’s resident make-up expert, Jasmine says “When you’re wearing a plain outfit it is so much easier to experiment with bold make-up styles. Red lips look great with a plain outfit, I strongly recommend NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil, it is a bit like a mix between a pencil and a lipstick and you’ll find that it lasts all day! Why not try it in ‘red square’ or ‘cruella’.

Natalie Wansbrough-Jones, Elle’s Fashion Director is pushing denim as the key autumn ‘must-have’, “classic, versatile and inexpensive. Denim is every girl’s great wardrobe secret”. Whether you prefer to don shorts, jeans or shirts it looks like denim is making a big comeback, not that it really went away. “Hair can really make or break a simple outfit”, says Jayne, HQhair’s resident hair expert, “when your clothes are casual there is a lot more emphasis on bold hair styles. Blonde hair looks great with blue denim, so why not enhance your golden locks further with Redken Blonde Glam Shampoo? The grapefruit extract helps to bring out bold blonde tones while the Crystal Mica adds shine!” Check out how our cover girl is donning the look, baggy black top, vintage jeans and a gorgeous pile of blonde hair tied up on her head. “This look will require a lot of hair spray” Jayne says “I recommend Hard Head Hairspray by Bed Head.”

So why not shake-up your hair and make-up with big bold statements, and just think with all the money you have saved from wearing your dad’s baggy t-shirts and last year’s denim you will have tonnes to spend on the best new hair and beauty products!