Ouch… hard.. to… type…

So we’ve finally done it…yes, the HQ girls have joined a gym! We would do a mini-Mexican wave of joy but as we attended a fun-filled (that’s how the instructor described it anyway) hour of body pump on Wednesday night, we’ve pulled all the muscles in our entire bodies and we can’t really move. So that’s a good start!

If like us you’re joining a gym, vowing to live on carrot sticks and Vitamin water (Sienna Miller’s legs, Sienna Miller’s legs) and opting for cranberry juice minus the vodka, then we’ve got the perfect motivational tools. After all we can’t be the only ones who think the best part about joining a gym is getting the new cute outfit to go with it?! Can we!?

Swimming may be seen as one of the best forms of exercising, but chlorine destroyed hair is not such a good look! So check out this fabulous moisturising hair and body wash product from phyto– a swimming bag must have!

For when you over-do it (like us) you’ll need this in your handbag at ALL times! It’s a great muscle rub from badger balm– trust me, it’s needed!

When you feel hungry or are about to give in to temptation, apply this nifty lip balm from burner balm pronto, it helps you burn calories!

So hopefully in no time we’ll be looking as hot as this:


Win 3 Mavala Nail Colours in our Fab Celebrity Beauty Secrets Game!

Just like yesterday we’re playing another fabulous celebrity beauty secrets game. See the gorgeous A listers below? Simply match them with their favourite beauty products. The person who enters the correct celeb and product match in the comment box below in the fastest time wins three fabulous Mavala colours. This time we are only letting participants enter once to make the game fairer for everybody to play :)! Happy Matching x

1. Megan Fox

2. Whitney Port

3.  Uma Therman

4. Freida Pinto

1. Bliss Pore-Fector Gadget

2. Benefit High Beam

3. SkinCeuticals Phloretin CF

4. Perfekt Beauty Body Perfection Gel

*We have sourced our celebrity beauty secrets from UK and US magazines 2010.


We all love to see what beauty items that our favourite celebrities use! So we have devised a little game to see how much you know about what products are hot property with our choice of A listers, and the winner gets a £20 instant gift card!! Below are four celebrities and below them are four products. Simply match the celeb with the product you think they use! All entries must answer in the blog comment box below.  *Our sources for this games came from UK and US beauty press in 2010!

1. Leighton Meester

2. Natalie Portman

3. Elle Macpherson

4. Kim Kardashian

1. Moroccanoil Hydrating Styling Cream

2. NARS Lipstick (Belle De Jour)

3. Frederic Fekkai Technician Colour Care Conditioner

4. Benefit Benetint

Kate Hudson’s Beauty Secret

Click Here to check Egyptain Magic out now!

Just Launched: MAVALA

All at HQhair.com are delighted to announce the launch of Malava! And to celebrate this fabulous launch, for a limited time only we are offering customers three of the nail colours for just £10! Simply choose your three products and your total will be deducted at checkout. Click here now to see all the shades >>

We fell head -over-heels for the Swiss nail brand for their gorgeous colours, easy applications and fabulous nail care products. Their ‘Hero’ product is called Scientifique, which is a nail hardener, it restores broken, split and flaking nails and turns them back to health with it’s unique penetrating formula.


Trend Alert: Turbans!

There is no other hat style that oozes old Hollywood glamour quite like the Turban. Made famous by the likes of Elizabeth Taylor, Greta Garbo and Joan Collins this layered iconic hat style is certainly a statement accessory and we’re delighted that modern day celebrities are championing the look.

Elizabeth Taylor wearing the iconic style hat she made famous.

Joan Collins also is a huge fan of the Turban hat.

Greta Garbo, a classic Hollywood icon

Today’s style has been updated and is mainly worn with long, flowing locks.

SJP as Carrie in Sex and the City

This pint-sized pop princess opts for a wolly version of the Turban

Beyonce is wearing a Turban extremely similar to the South Beach Rocks version.

From the catwalk to HQhair, South Beach Rocks has just launched their version of the classic Turban hat. Now we know this hat style isn’t for everyone but we adore the look in the office, what do you think?

Black Ribbed Turban from South Beach Rocks exclusively at HQhair.com for £6.95


New From South Beach Rocks…

We have been super excited about the brand spanking new jewellery that South Beach Rocks has just launched. This is by far our favourite SBR collection and the lines follow some top trends trends straight from the catwalk, such as the ethic wood trend, the vintage look and the statement piece. We think alot of these items will also make fabulous stocking fillers, especially as they are so reasonably priced, the gorgeous vintage rings are only £3.95! Here are just a few of our faves from the collection:

Some of the HQ girls have already purchased their items to bling up the Christmas party, check out this beauty:

To view the entire South Beach Rocks range click here.